It was the beginning of the 1990s, when the excesses of the pioneering electronic music of the 1980s had driven consumers into the arms of heavy guitar music. Electronic music was going underground, retrenching, turning away from mass pop and on to the dance floors where it would soon dominate.

That's when I got my first crack at a recording studio, thanks to an eccentric Russian-Chinese professor named Ivan Tcherepkin and his courses on electronic music at Harvard. I had played some drums and bass guitar, but the electronic music studio was a new and exciting MIDI-fueled world.

I still write songs occasionally, but these old tunes are likely to be my only recorded contributions to the world of music, at least for now. Here they are for your amusement and consumption... in most cases without the vocal tracks (either because I was temporarily tone deaf or had bad recording equipment, or because my lyric writing skills were still developing.)

Me and my bass guitar,
circa 1989. Funny!
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The Cure
The band that probably influenced me most. Check out their website and the great return to form that was their last album.

Depeche Mode
The other band that probably influenced me most. Very much looking forward to their new album in 2009

Favorite DJs

Here are links to websites of some of my favorite big time international DJs:

Hernan Cattaneo (Argentina)
Danny Howells (UK)
Cocoon website (Sven Vath & co.) (Germany)
Roger Sanchez (USA)

And here are links to websites of some very good up-and-coming dance music DJs/producers I've been fortunate enough to meet over the past few years:

DJ Grad (Russia)
Mark Sun (UK)
Stu Hirst (UK)
Anil Chawla (UK)
Dale Anderson (UK)
Katrin Vesna (Russia)

play Slamming the Door on Life (1:12)
The class assignment was to take one sound and make a song out of it. Everyone else did something abstract and, for me, not accessible. I took one recording of a slamming door and made it into a rythmic tune using loops of tape at various speeds on a reel-to-reel tape

play A Chain of Flowers (5:04)
A loving, painstakingly-made note-by-note reworking of the Cure song.

play Mother’s Day Again (4:24)
The one song I did that could really go somewhere, vocals included. There's a much better version somewhere but I can't find the tape.

play Boston (4:38)
An ode to Beantown. A hopeful tune penned during an economic downturn that was hard on this northern industrial town.

play Boston (Percussive Mix) (3:38)
An accidental remix of Boston that turned out kind of cool.

play Shadowplay (3:26)
Originally written for the rock band Simple Justice, for which I played drums in 1989-1990. Re-worked into an electronic song with high-speed bass.

play The Light at the End of the Tunnel (2:54)
A reprise to Shadowplay. Another sequencing accident that turned out interesting.

play Self (4:14)
A song about how people lose themselves in relationships. Done as my final project for my first electronic music class - a live performance with this background track accompanied by my singing and a melody created by a bass guitar played through an analogue synthesizer.

play Adorno Strength (by Geist) (4:25)
A song that I still enjoy hearing by Arturo and Larry, two pals from university who called themselves Geist. Posted without permission in the hope that someone will tell me what happened to these guys.

play Nestled (by The Serkel Group) (3:05)
Same story as above, only this song was done by Larry and his brother under the name Serkel Group.

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